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Tom Ellis, Owner
Tom Ellis has an extensive knowledge in landscaping and fence repair. Born in Dunkirk, New York, his family moved to the Hampton Roads area and still resides there today. Tom has been performing yard work ever since he was a kid. His first job was maintaining a farm that was thousands of acres wide. 

Now having more than 15 years of experience working for the city of Virginia Beach (a city highly rated for their appearance and resident satisfaction) in their Landscape Management Division, Tom wants to use his knowledge to better serve his community in their time of need. Because most landscaping companies charge high prices in exchange for mediocre results, Tom makes sure that his prices are better than his competitors, while providing the best quality service in the Hampton Roads area.  "The best part of what I do is seeing the reactions on my clients' faces when I show them the finished product, " Tom proclaimed. "They are so shocked and completely satisfied."
About Masterpiece Landpro
Masterpiece Landpro is a family-owned business located in Suffolk, Virginia. Formerly known by our devoted clients as Masterpiece Landscaping & Productions, our vision has remained the same.  We still desire to be one of the top businesses in the Hampton Roads area to provide excellent landscaping services at reasonable prices.

In our research we discovered that there are numerous landscaping businesses in the Hampton Roads area offering the same type of services. However, even though there are many landscaping businesses in the area, Masterpiece Landpro is not your ordinary landscaping company. We strive to give you top quality service without the high prices that our competitors usually charge.

We care about revealing the true beauty of this Earth as well as satisfying your landscaping needs. Masterpiece Landpro's marketing strategy is to first inform potential clients on what we provide and let our work speak for itself. Due to our plethora of knowledge in the services provided, we are confident that our company will leave a lasting impression on our clients.
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